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  • CHAMPVA Supplemental Insurance Our affordable options make choosing a CHAMPVA Supplemental Insurance Plan easier than ever.

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  • CHAMPVA Supplemental Plan
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  • healthcare services
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CHAMPVA Insurance

While CHAMPVA pays a substantial amount for medical care, you still may need a supplemental insurance to help fill in the gaps. You now have the option to purchase a CHAMPVA Supplement insurance policy sponsored by the American Military Retiree Association (AMRA), administered by Association and Society Insurance Corporation (ASI) and Underwritten by: Monumental Life Insurance Company, Cedar Rapids, IA Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company, Harrison, NY (NY residents only) AEGON companies.

AMRA (ASI) CHAMPVA Supplemental Insurance Plan:

  • 100% coinsurance
  • 100% out-of-pocket costs for covered services
  • Pays 100% of Doctors Visits, Pharmacy, and Hospital Co-pays
  • Guaranteed acceptance (subject to pre-existing condition limitation**)
  • Priced to fit Your Budget As well As Your Needs
  • Smokers Pay the Same Price As Non-smokers
  • Coverage at Almost Any Hospital and Any doctor
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Issuance of ID cards

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AMRA (ASI) CHAMPVA Supplemental Insurance Plan, Features, Benefits and Rates